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View all RxHealthMed addresses and the corresponding opening hours of RxHealthMed in our current overview. This means that you always know that the RxHealthMed in your area is open during a shopping Sunday or shopping evening and you will not be faced with a closed door. In addition to this information, you will also find the latest RxHealthMed catalogue and current offers here, so that you never miss a discount. If you are looking for more information about the RxHealthMed in your city or region, we can also refer to the RxHealthMed website.

Frequently asked questions about RxHealthMed

Where can I find a RxHealthMed store and its current opening hours near me?

In our database, we have gathered all RxHealthMed stores with their current opening hours. Enter your city, or let us automatically detect your location, and you will get an overview of all the RxHealthMed stores in your area. Please note that opening hours may change during public holidays and Sunday(s).

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Where can I find RxHealthMed near me?

If you want to know where the nearest RxHealthMed store is, take a look at our location page. You'll easily find the nearest RxHealthMed branch via our branch locator. Let us know your location and you will get an overview of all the RxHealthMed stores in your area with their matching opening hours. You can also manually check for a specific location. RxHealthMed has stores in, for example, City 1, City 2 and City 3.

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How many stores does RxHealthMed have?

RxHealthMed has various stores throughout Canada. The store in the Pharmacy and Beauty category has branches in, for example, City 1, City 2, and City 3. Let us know your location to find your nearest RxHealthMed store. Please note: Some stores on our website only have an online store.

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