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One thing famous car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ford, BMW do to attract more customers is releasing new models of cars regularly. To reach the target audience, these new cars are published in exclusive flyers and catalogues. Published in these flyers are the models, new upgrades and features and special offers that apply. Via these flyers, you will always be informed about the new models, the deals and the financing options available to you. Included in these flyers are the stores and car dealers’ you can always purchase the cars and bike from. Potential buyers are allowed to look at the model in question or take it for a test drive. In addition to the promotions offered by the dealership, you will be always informed about your next set of wheels even before leaving the house. is the “Go to” website for specials on car parts such as tires and exhaust pipes. We publish flyers of Canada’s leading tire and vehicle part stores. These stores include but are not limited to stores like Kin Tires, Walmart, Black circles, etc. with the most recent deals on tires and exhausts. maintenance tariffs and fitness warranties can also be found in these flyers which are easily accessible from the comfort of your home or the office. 


On this website, you will see a compilation and a complete overview of motorbike providers, as well as the store hours of stores that sell motorbike parts and accessories. Think of Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. These motorbike shops have physical shop locations all over Canada where you can send in bikes to get the exquisite service it needs. The stores on offer motorbike maintenance, motorbike accessories and expert advice to new and pro bikers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new trend is the online sale of motorbikes. The edge of these online stores has over physical stores is that motorbikes are sold at discounted prices. The bike is ordered online and delivered to your home, ready to use. In some cases, you can choose to deliver the bike to a nearby shop by using the “near me” function. You will find a complete catalogue of all the bikes available in Canada and the special deals on them. The flyers on will allow you to look at competitive prices before making a purchase. With the irresistible deals on our website, you can easily save yourself a buck or two by doing your research.

Car Rental

Renting a car can be a nightmare, especially if you are a foreigner or you are in an unknown environment. We provide you with the weekly specials available on each rental website to keep you informed about quality products. Booking a rental car during a special promotion or weekly specials can save you a lot of money. Use these flyers to make sure your next trip is more entertaining, cheap and less strenuous. Don’t wait until you get there, use their online services to get the best deals on car rentals today.