Wholesale offers

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The number of small businesses and freelancers has increased massively over the last few years. Places such as sports clubs seem to be developing more and more like proper restaurants and other businesses and restaurants are regularly looking for online wholesale companies to supply to their demand of office and hospitality products and accessories such as coffee, sodas, snacks, fresh produce, as well as maintenance products, printing paper and other non-food products. This is why we have decided to place a separate Wholesale category on our site, which contains catalogues, flyers and magazines of wholesalers such as Costco, Wholesale Club  and The Bargain Shop and many more. This way you can view all special deals, offers and promotions from Canada’s main wholesalers in one clear overview. That way you can view and compare them at your own pace, from your computer, before making any decisions. 

Wholesale catalogues and flyers

Most wholesalers regularly publish a catalogue with a large number of special promotions and discount coupons. The flyers also show the most popular articles from their product range. Sometimes these catalogues are categorized by their niche: for example as a food catalogue, a non-food catalogue or a sports club brochure, or as a combination of several categories. The Costco catalogue for example, often publishes a food related brochure with coupons and offers for articles such as beer, sodas and snacks, but also non-food articles such as electronics, whiteware, office supplies and clothing. A catalogue such as Pharmaprix on the other hand, only contains equipment aimed at kitting out the hospitality industry with a product range such as cups, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, bakeware and takeaway containers. Then there are wholesalers such as Visions Electronics and Canadian Computers that specialize in… you guessed it! Electronic supplies. So it definitely pays off to check out our wholesales category on flyerdeals.ca to see which wholesaler best matches your demands. 

Shopping online: delivery or pick up service? 

Self-service wholesale, delivery wholesale or pick up store? Pretty much every wholesaler offers these possibilities nowadays and ordering online via the web shop increases in popularity, especially since Covid. As an entrepreneur you don’t want to waste any valuable time with unnecessary shopping and dragging around daily purchases such as coffee, trays of coke or printing paper. So pick your wholesaler, apply for a free loyalty card or membership card and it’s all taken care of. Happy trading!