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Diners are beginning to grow famous among the new generation where you can either go in to eat or order diner for take-outs. We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is busy doing a thing or the other losing track of time, these restaurants are a time and money saver. In most cases, this is beneficial if you are on the road or working towards an important deadline. Work mode or relaxation, games night or movie date nights fast food restaurants are a very popular choice for everyone. Therefore, we have taken the special deals and promotions of all the better-known fast food restaurants and placed them all under one roof. Diners like Rosedale Diner, McDonalds, Tomahawk Restaurant are available under the “Restaurants” category on our website. Now you don’t get to miss a single deal and meal combos right from the comfort of your couch while ordering. Regardless if you looking at saving time or sending your side piece some great food, our brochures will help you explore your options.  

Restaurant catalogues, discount coupons and leaflets

We make a list of discount vouchers from diners such as McDonalds, Burger Kings or Nandos. Other times we post promotional deals from your local pizza hubs, Rodney’s Oysters House, or Five Guys near you. Tasty looking meal deals such as calamari steaks, combo deals, or just the original whopper are at the tip of the tongue when it comes to specialty meals. All delicious looking meals can be found in this category, and you can order any drink of your choice with your meal. Specialty restaurants are not forgotten either. We have a range of Thai, Mexican and Chinese foods to name just a few. You also have the luxury of choosing a place you fancy for dinner and how much you would like to spend on dinner. Sounds too good to be true right!! You do not always need to break the bank to have that luxurious experience you have always wanted. Use the discounted deals available and see all the competitive prices before the hunger pains kick in. Use the “near me” option on the flyer to see how close you are to your next meal. Use this function to check out your favourite restaurant’s trading hours and whether they are open on public holidays. 

Ordering your meals online 

If you hate the stress of having to leave the house or waiting half an hour for your order to come to the restaurant, why not order takeouts? These fast food restaurants do not only prepare your food within the blink of an eye, they deliver quickly too. Most food businesses also have the online service feature that enables customers to order their delicious, tasty meals to their doorstep, office or wherever they are. If your favourite restaurant has an app or allows the usage of vouchers, make good use of this opportunity. You might just be pulling a huge savings on meal orders. This is not limited to only pizzas and burgers; they include services on full-course meals and complete diners. What are you waiting for, start eating with today!

Frequently asked questions about Restaurants

Where can I find Restaurants leaflets and promotions?

To find Restaurants flyers with current offers and promotions, click on the store of your choice, for example Popeyes, Mr Sub, Pizza Hut, or look at 'offers'. View all Restaurants flyers from Canada on!

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What are the best Restaurants offers at the moment?

Currently, Aaa boneless beef stew meat, Lean ground beef & Extra lean ground beef are the best Restaurants offers. You can find even more interesting promotions at Popeyes, Mr Sub, Pizza Hut and other stores on our website.

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What can I find in the Restaurants category?

In the category Restaurants you can find great offers and promotions such as Aaa boneless beef stew meat, Lean ground beef & Extra lean ground beef. Check the entire page to find out more. There is definitely something to pique your interest!

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Which stores can I go to for everything that has to do with Restaurants?

In stores such as Popeyes, Mr Sub, Pizza Hut you can find offers such as Aaa boneless beef stew meat, Lean ground beef & Extra lean ground beef. On this page you can find more stores in the 'Restaurants' category.

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Where can I find a product within the Restaurants category at the lowest price?

The lowest price of a product within the Restaurants category can be found in a flyer or brochure of one of the Restaurants stores on this page. Take a quick look at this week's flyer and don't miss out on that spectacular offer!

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Do I need a discount code for Restaurants offers?

You only need a discount code for Restaurants offers if the store or webshop asks for it. More information can be found on the website of your favourite Restaurants store.

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Why can't I find the store I'm looking for under Restaurants?

If you can't find the store you're looking for under Restaurants, we may have placed your favourite store in a different category. In the search bar you can enter the name of the store. Still nothing? Then we may not have found any promotions or offers for your favourite store yet.

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Under which category will I find offers such as 'Aaa boneless beef stew meat, Lean ground beef & Extra lean ground beef'?

To find offers and promotions such as Aaa boneless beef stew meat, Lean ground beef & Extra lean ground beef, click on the Restaurants category. On this page you will find all Restaurants flyers and offers that are currently valid.

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I'm looking for a Restaurants offer, but can't find it under Restaurants?

If you're looking for a Restaurants offer, but can't find it under Restaurants, we may have placed this offer under a different category. Enter the name of the product at the top of the search bar. Still nothing? Contact us and we'll see if it is possible to put the offer online!

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I would like to surprise my partner, what are the current Restaurants offers?

So, you'd like to surprise your partner? We know, it's not always easy to find a nice gift. Check the flyers above to find Restaurants offers and promotions. Your partner will be over the moon ;)

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