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In this category, you will be amazed at the flyers and catalogues of all the important opticians and online stores in Canada. As a visionary, we understand the importance of eyesight and vision that is why we have selected the best offers, deals and promotions on eye products for you. If you are looking for the latest Ray-Ban sunglasses in the market, we are glad to inform you that you are in the right place. This is the category that contains all eye products and necessities. Take a look at some of the flyers to find mouthwatering deals on reading glasses. In this category of flyers, you can check for the hottest promotions on for contact lenses, for those days you want to ditch the glasses. Do you prefer to shop in Vancouver or its environ? We’ve got you covered!  With countless the opticians’ catalogues full of discounts and specials, from local shops to nation-wide offers, you don’t need to look too far to get your favorite glasses. Contained in our flyers are the store hours and contact details of your favorite optician’s stores. To get the exact location of your nearest optician, Flyerdeals.ca has a “near me” feature which will show you the closest store to get the products.

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Whether you are on a mission to find a new pair of glasses, or you want to purchase luxury sunglasses for that overdue vacation to Dubai or you want to have an eye test done by an optometrist, our website got you covered. We have put a lot of effort to include the main stores where you can find these items and services you under the “Opticians” category. With this, you can save the valuable time you use on search engines because you get direct access to the appropriate flyers and weekly specials of all the opticians in Canada. These promotional flyers are refreshed and updated daily. This means you will always find the latest specials on your beloved eyewear, just in case you are in the market for something new. The competitive prices on our flyers give you ample opportunity to make sure you always make the purchase that suits your budget.

Ordering online via the webshop

We know how stressful and time consuming it is visiting optic stores just to get the right eyewear. This is the reason we offer you the option to order online from the numerous online optic stores in your area. Some opticians such as Lensmaker Optical and Eyestar Optical have an exhaustive online store that allows you to order any product online and expect prompt delivery within a day or two depending on your location in Canada. It’s that simple! Most optical stores deliver right to your doorstep, giving you value for money without you visiting the store physically. Reward cards and Vouchers are meant to be used and you should use them to your advantage. You can always find an online store of choice by using Flyerdeals.ca and then you can simply click on the store’s logo.