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Garden and animals

Do you have a beautiful garden or a nice balcony that you enjoy spending time and money on, or do you own a pet that you love? Then you most likely visit garden centres or pet speciality stores on a regular basis. Stores like Petsmart, Petland and Petvalu have a huge product range from specialized pet food to habitats and they can provide you with some solid expert advice. For great deals on flowers, plants and garden accessories it is worth comparing prices first as well. That way you can take advantage of the different discounts on plant pots, soil and other specialized products. Why not have a look now at stores like The Garden Market or Canadian Tire and see what works best for you.

Catalogues and weekly specials 

If you plan to fill your garden with shrubs, trees and plants to create a place where you can relax, you will usually start by visiting a garden centre. These garden centres often publish a brochure with tips about plant care and they offer special deals on flowers. plants and accessories that match the current season. Therefore it would be wise to check all available flyers to see what various available specials they have on offer. Pet stores equally have regular special discounts and promotions for items such as specialized cat and dog food. To make all this comparing easier for you we have put both those categories under one tab on our website. That way you can easily compare products and prices before making a decision.


Purchasing pet food can be hard work. It can be packaged in chunky, heavy bulk size which makes it difficult and inconvenient to transport. The same goes for flowers and plants which can often be shaped too awkwardly or too big to fit into the car, which means they end up getting damaged on the journey home. This makes purchasing them online so attractive! The majority of garden centres and pet stores offer the opportunity for their customers to order their products online or from their store, to be delivered to your doorstep. To view the different catalogues now, visit our website and start sifting through the grouped categories now, to select what products you want from where!