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At one point in our lives, we have played with a toy. We are certain some of you reading this text have a favorite toy or game you play with. We can all agree that playing is fun, relaxing and educational. ‘Playing’ does not discriminate between the young and old; both the young and the old enjoy playing. Whether it is building a train track or simply flying your first drone, the child within us lives on. There’s a wide range of toy stores and online stores where we can buy our toys. Quality products and safety are important factors to take into consideration before purchasing your fun items. On our websites, there are unlimited promotions and special offers will be interested in. To make the best choices and to compare the competitive prices easily, we have placed all the flyers of all toy shops in Canada under a separate category labelled “Toys”. With this categorization, you have the ample opportunity to browse through all the available flyers and catalogues from the comfort zone to choose your favorite plaything. Whether it is a teddy bear for your toddler, or a doll set for that busy four-year-old, you will find whatever you are searching for with just a click. If you love cars, it will be great to share that hobby with your kid. There are toy stores that have mini Ferraris to bring out the car collector in your kid. Having kids means you will have a lot of playing to do. 

Toy catalogues

It is safe to say that the invention of online shopping brought out the competition and range of various educational toys in the industry. With a toy store trying to outsell another toy store to make more profit, they offer exclusive discounts, promotions and juicy deals.  By comparing the flyers in this category, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. Whether you are looking for a musical piano for your 4-year old niece, or a PlayStation 5 for your nephew’s birthday or a board game for the summer holidays, you will find them all in these flyers. Big toy stores like Castle Toys, JR Toys and Playful Minds will be able to cater to all your toy needs. Catalogues designed to cater for specialized game retailers such as VideoGamesPlus are mentioned on our website.

Shopping for toys online

Every big toy store in Canada has an online store or a website or even an app that you can use from the comfort of your own home. With the world going digital, online shopping has been made easier with the use of credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. Take advantage of vouchers and rewards cards which will allow you to get a discount on a variety of toys or have your toys delivered for free! The delivery system for most of the online toy stores are quite effective; your toys will be delivered safely within three to five business days depending on your location. This assures you that the weekly specials and deals are all available to you, even if you don’t want to go the distance. You can also use the “near me” option on our website to see the closest toy store around you. You can visit the store in person whenever you want to see any in-store flyers or offers. Listed on the flyers on this website are the store hours of the different stores along with their public holiday availability. Start shopping today by using today! Embrace the digital world by making it work for you.