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A lot of Canadians celebrate mother’s day because it is a way to show respect and appreciation for your mother, or a mother figure. This day is celebrated on each second Sunday of May. A day when every mother or grandmother gets spoilt and is given special attention with breakfast in bed, flowers, or handmade presents from the kids or grandkids. Nice presents and a bit of extra TLC makes any mother feel extra special, appreciated and loved!  The ancient Greeks followed a mother cult many centuries ago; a day of ceremonies for Cybele of Rhea, the great mother of gods. The mother’s day the way we know it first came to be in the USA in May 1908, and eventually blew over to the rest of the world. The most commonly used flowers on mother’s day are the traditional carnation, but many types of flowers are given on mother’s day.

Mother’s day shops

For florists it is usually the busiest period of the year. But other specialist retailers also make sure to get a cut of the profits by putting together a special mother’s day catalogue or flyer. For example, Walmart and Costco publish a special catalogue full of the loveliest scents and fragrance sets, jewellery and flowers to give you a few suggestions of what you can surprise your magnificent mom with. Of course some extra special jewellery from Thomas Sabo or Pandora will always be a traditional mother’s day gift idea. If you are looking for an enhancement for mom’s home decor, Ikea or Home Furniture offer many special mother’s day deals full of interesting offers on couches, dressers, and home decoration such as paintings to name but a few. To give you a clearer overview of what is on offer on mother’s day, we have collected all the brochures with special mother’s day offers under the category “mother’s day.”

Shopping for mother’s day online

The “no time to go shopping” excuse is no longer valid in this day and age. Almost all stores have a web shop nowadays, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, a number of web shops such as Hifi, Kmart, Metro and Avon that publish a mother’s day brochure with many big and small gift ideas that you could spoil your mom with. So why not make this day a feast for mom, because she deserves it! Start browsing now on